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Tyler, Texas (September 24, 2021) — Hali Mahaffey, a senior exercise specialist and programs coordinator with UT Health East Texas Olympic Center Tyler, was named a Rising Star Award Winner from the Medical Fitness Association.

The Rising Star Award is presented to an individual for outstanding achievement and significant leadership within the medical fitness community. The individual demonstrates exemplary interest in their medical fitness facility, members and community.

Mahaffey will receive the award at the 31st Annual MFA International Conference...

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After 50 years doing a job he loves in nursing, the advice Charles Beene would give up-and-coming nurses is simple: “Make sure if you want go into nursing it’s what you want to do. You’ve got to like what you’re doing and if you don’t, then find something else.”

Beene recently celebrated his milestone anniversary, along with his 77th birthday, with coworkers at UT Health Tyler, the hospital where he’s worked for the majority of his career, save for a four-year stint at the Henderson hospital in the early 1980s.

Since 1985 he has served the Tyler hospital as...

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For most, a new year is the time for a fresh start. For Becky Spray, it was the start of her cancer journey.

Becky was adopted when she was three days old, so she didn’t know anything about her family medical history. Because of that, she started performing regular self-breast exams weekly when she was in college. On Jan. 1, 2020, she felt a lump. After a visit to her doctor, she was...

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We are always happy to receive compliments from our patients.

Becky Berry recently received care through our intensive cardiac rehabilitation program in Tyler, using Pritikin ICR. Unlike the 36 exercise sessions offered through a traditional cardiac rehabilitation program, Pritikin offers...

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