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Tyler, Texas (December 12, 2019) UT Health East Texas has acquired Urology Tyler, PA, which will now operate as part of UT Health East Texas Urology, providing urological care through diagnostic testing that includes prostate ultrasound/biopsy, cystoscopy, CAT scan, urodynamic studies, post void residual and PSA blood test. Other services include in-...

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Food Drive Tyler

Tyler, TX (December 5, 2019) UT Health East Texas Olympic Centers last month collected 26 barrels of food that will benefit the East Texas Food Bank.

Throughout the month of November, donation barrels from the East Texas Food Bank were placed at Olympic Center locations in Tyler, Lake Palestine, Cedar Creek Lake, Jacksonville, Hideaway Lake, Chandler, Mineola, Rusk and Pittsburg. UT Health Tyler, Jacksonville and Pittsburg also had a donation barrel at their main hospital locations.

Greg Maschal, director of UT Health East Texas Olympic Centers,...

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There are an untold amount of articles full of advice on how to eat healthy during the holidays. While it is very important to formulate a plan on how to approach a buffet during this season of sugar, fat and salt, it is also a time to focus on keeping up with other aspects of your health.

As we travel, change our routines and load up our to-do lists, many aspects of our life that should be top priority can drop in importance. While it’s fine to miss a couple yoga classes or stay up late one night talking to friends, completely abandoning all your routines can have a negative...

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Tyler, Texas (November 26, 2019) — UT Health East Texas, a leading health system, and Premier Health, a nationally respected urgent care operator, announce a new partnership to open urgent care clinics in Tyler and surrounding areas. The first clinic will be a new, state-of-the-art urgent care clinic...

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Tyler, Texas (November 26, 2019) Fewer than two years ago, Shawn Gonter was a trauma patient at UT Health Tyler after a serious motorcycle accident. Gonter now works for UT Health as a physician assistant, and on Dec. 3 he will have the honor of lighting the hospital's outdoor Christmas tree during a...

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Bladder issues are still a sensitive health subject people tend to avoid talking about – even with their physician. However, issues like urinary incontinence, bladder infections and urinary tract infections are common and may be helped with simple lifestyle changes. One way to improve bladder health is to modify your diet. Certain foods and liquids can irritate conditions and should be avoided, while other foods can help.

Read the tips below and test them out to improve your bladder health.


Cut Out or Limit

Some beverages and foods contain...

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Tyler, Texas (November 19, 2019) — UT Health East Texas EMS and Champion EMS are pleased to report that the parties have settled the lawsuit regarding ambulance services in Tyler, Texas.

Since 1992, ETMC EMS, now operating as UT Health East Texas EMS, an affiliate of UT Health East Texas, has...

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Mt. Pleasant, Texas (November 7, 2019) — UT Health East Texas Physicians has opened a new clinic in Mt. Pleasant. This clinic will provide quality care close to home in the Mt. Pleasant area. The clinic not only offers family medicine care, but has an otolaryngology (ENT) clinic.

Providers at...

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Making the decision to get help for substance use disorder is a huge step in the right direction that is not easy for most to make. UT Health Henderson’s StepOne Service is designed to support those who have made this commitment ] to improving their life by providing them with treatment to get through their withdrawal process and set them up for lifelong success.

Director Amber Shepperd shares more about this special service now offered at UT Health Henderson.  


Q: What is the StepOne Service at UT Health Henderson?


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100th Anniversary Reception

Jacksonville, Texas (November 7, 2019) - From before it even began, one could argue that the life of Dr. Mary Alice Bone, in many ways, was shaped by the Jacksonville hospital.

It’s where her parents met and fell in love. Her father was a physician, a young widower whose wife died during the...

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