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For most, a new year is the time for a fresh start. For Becky Spray, it was the start of her cancer journey.

Becky was adopted when she was three days old, so she didn’t know anything about her family medical history. Because of that, she started performing regular self-breast exams weekly when she was in college. On Jan. 1, 2020, she felt a lump. After a visit to her doctor, she was...

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Becky Berry recently received care through our intensive cardiac rehabilitation program in Tyler, using Pritikin ICR. Unlike the 36 exercise sessions offered through a traditional cardiac rehabilitation program, Pritikin offers...

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Danielle Dupuis, AuD, CCC-A
UT Health East Texas Physicians Tyler-Three Lakes ENT

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Did you know that colorectal cancer ranks second to lung cancer as a cause of cancer deaths and is the third most commonly occurring cancer in both men and women?

Tune in as Umair Sohail, MD, FACP, board-certified gastroenterologist at UT Health East Texas Digestive Disease Center, discusses colon cancer screening.

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