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Nurse at UT Health East Texas Finds a Family

Working at UT Health East Texas is all in the family for Serena Corbett, clinical nurse manager of the perianesthesia unit at the Tyler hospital.

Corbett has worked at the Tyler hospital for 17 of the 18 years that she has been a registered nurse, and she recruited both her mother and sister to the hospital after falling in love with her work environment.

Not only does her actual family work at the Tyler hospital, Corbett said she also considers her coworkers family.

“This is my family that I work with and we have worked really hard to make a solid team of people...

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Patient Recovery Story

When Shawn Gonter called his boss to let him know he’d been in an accident and would be late for work, he didn’t realize he wouldn’t be returning to work for another six months.

Gonter was on his way to work March 13 when he was in a motorcycle accident at Troup Highway and Magnolia Drive that resulted in multiple injuries, including a broken back and the amputation of his right leg.

He was at UT Health Tyler for a month following the accident and he and his wife, Alicia, a radiology technician at the hospital, recently hosted an ice cream party to say thanks to everyone...

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Paul Oster

Working at UT Health East Texas' Tyler hospital is not just a job for Paul Oster, it’s a calling.

Oster, the nuclear medicine coordinator and radiation safety officer, has worked at the hospital since 1995, and many of his coworkers in the nuclear medicine department have been there 10 years or more. 

“I think that says a lot. I think they value their job, they like their coworkers and they like what they’re doing,” Oster said.

Oster said he finds fulfillment in helping patients through what can sometimes be anxiety-inducing procedures, such...

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Inside the mobile mammography unit

A few steps across the parking lot is all it took to get a screening that might save a life.

Friday marks National Mammography Day, but employees of Southside Bank on Thursday were able to celebrate the benefits of mammography by taking advantage of the UT Health East Texas mobile mammography coach parked at the bank’s South Beckham location.

The brand new coach started operating in September with 3D technology, which combines multiple breast X-rays to create a three-dimensional picture of the breast.

“Screening mammography can find something sometimes up to five...

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RN Career at UT Health East Texas

Sandra Nash started her career as a registered nurse at what is now UT Health East Texas fresh out of nursing school five years ago. Since then, she's worked her way up to become a specialty clinical nurse focusing on education and was promoted to a clinical manager position in the Tyler hospital, overseeing up to 20 employees and the patients on her floor. 

“Professional accountability and professional growth is really important,” Nash said. “You have to be proud of what you’re doing.”

Nash has found that sense of pride at UT Health East Texas, which she...

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Julia Bell retirement

After more than 50 years working for the hospital, now known as UT Health Tyler, Julia Bell is now retiring but she has no plans of slowing down.

Bell started at the hospital in November 1964 as a nurse aid and later moved into in laundry services, where she spent the majority of her career. She retired last Friday as Director of Laundry Services.

“There’s been a lot of changes because when I first came it was just two floors,” Bell said. “I’ve seen it grow and grow and grow.”

Bell, 76, is used to working hard. The mother of eight routinely rises at 4 a.m. and is no...

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UT Health East Texas patient, Danny Shepard, had a full hip replacement by Dr. Conflitti. After the surgery Danny no longer had chronic pain and was able to get back to doing what he loved.

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Mental illness, including depression, can affect anyone, from a 22-year-old woman to a 73-year-old man. However, many people who might be suffering through depression avoid seeking medical help due to uncertainty or the stigma that surrounds this illness. To eliminate this negative stereotype, it’s important that everyone take the time to learn more about depression, whether to recognize the signs in someone we care about or to determine if you should get screened.

Dr. Crystal Frazier, a...

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Car Seat Safety

Everyday children are driven to school, to a friend’s house or to grab an ice cream cone. Travelling in a car is an inevitable part of family life, which is why it’s crucial to make your vehicle a safe space for your child. The best way to protect children in the event of a wreck is to have them in a proper car seat. However, even with a car seat, there is confusion about which is the right type, how a child should fit in the seat and how it should be installed in the car. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but getting in touch with a certified car seat technician can help ease your mind when...

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