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We, at UT Health East Texas Physicians Urology in Athens, Corsicana, Kaufman and Palestine, pride ourselves on state of the art care providing services for all of East Texas. 

Services we offer include:
  • Prostate - Ultrasound Cancer Screening, Laser Surgery, Minimally Invasive
  • Bladder Control - Female Urinary Incontinence, Non-Surgical Treatment-Medication, Biofeedback, Female Bladder Pain, Laproscopy
  • Impotence - Non-Surgical Treatment, Safe Injection Therapy, Implants
  • Kidney Stones - Laser & Ultrasound Destruction, Sound-Wave Disintegration, Prevention
  • Pediatric Urology


Conditions we treat include:
Procedures performed include:

For more information on services we offer or to schedule an appointment, call UT Health East Texas Physicians - Athens Urology at 903-675-9339.

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Service Providers

William A. Elfarr, MD, FACS

Ruben L. Garcia, MD, FACS

Paul Morelli, PA-C