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Paul A. Critelli, MD - Cosmetic/Male/Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is about more than just physical appearance. There are many reasons why patients choose to have cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. These procedures help patients to feel better in their own skin, whether you're looking to enhance your features or reconstruct them after trauma or even cancer. Dr. Critelli is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic and has eight years of surgical training and three years of fellowship training in plastic surgery. He works with each patient individually to find the right procedure for them. He performs both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face and body, as well as numerous minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Critelli believes in open communication through the process and will do everything he can to meet your desired cosmetic and reconstructive goals. The first step is to schedule a consultation. During your initial consultation, Dr. Critelli will meet with you to discuss your goals, then develop a customized procedure plan for you. When you're ready, click to schedule a consultation and our clinic will be in touch with you.

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