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Reviews for Varalaxmi Nannaka, MD


Dr. Nannaka is a very knowledgeable and thorough pulmonologist. I would highly recommend her to anyone asking.

   — Angela Coker


Staff is friendly, efficient and informative. Dr. Nannaka never makes you feel rushed & gives you opportunities to ask questions regarding disease process, medications and follow-up treatments.

   — Deborah Crawford (Debbie)


I need a sleep apnea study done so I can get the right C-PAP machine. Very informative visit, I learned a lot. Awaiting sleep study.

   — Kim Rozell


The doctors really listened to what you have to say and didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave. First time that has happened to me in a while. I feel relaxed around them and not anxious

   — Larry Kinchen


Loved the Athens hospital for scan. Really like the Dr.

   — Denise Walding


Dr. Nannaka was very professional and told me in terms I could understand what was going on with my lung health. Advice on what to do was very much appreciated and taken advantage of. I have the greatest admiration for Dr. Nannaka and respect her. Highly...

   — Daniel Willis


Dr. Nannaka was amazing and took well care of me she explained everything to me well and took care of me and my lungs im truly happy and blessed to have my care in her hands highly recommend her

   — Edgar Garcia


Very good experience with a new doctor for me. Dr. Nannaka seemed to be genuinely interested in me as a patient and as an individual. Very friendly and helpful in my particular case.

   — Nancy Hays


Dr. Nannaka adjusted my CPap machine for my travels and it did wonders for my sleep.

   — Bill Ledbetter


Treatment very beneficial. Thank you !!

   — Rick Harvey

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