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Reviews for Todd Parrish, MD


Dr Parrish has done two total knee replacements and 1 hip replacement on me. Had no trouble with anything. I did have fall after second knee replacement and received his emergency care to repair severely torn muscles and tendons. Along with two fractures in my left Legg. I am up and walking and still recieveing his care with my leg. I know he will help me back to normal life.. I have utmost trust and faith in Dr. Parrish

   — Bobby E Allen


I had ankle surgery May 2, 2023 he's a very caring kind dr that care for his patients and he has a wonderful staff I would tell anyone to go see them!

   — Shauna Sims


Had right knee replacement back in March. Surgery went great. After care has been phenomenal. Dr. Parrish and staff are incredible. I highly recommend him!

   — Brian Himes


Dr. Parrish has been our surgeon for a number of years. He is very qualified, personable, and completely honest. We have both used Dr. Parrish for surgery and highly recommend him and his staff as well as Henderson Hospital.

   — Kenneth And Gwen Singleton


Very quick and on top of things,Very professional and nice.

   — Tracy


Dr. Parrish is a fantastic orthopedic doctor. I would recommend him to anyone needing an good orthopedic surgeon!!

   — Barbara Dyk


The doctor was great. He sat down explained to me about my situation and made sure I understood. The staff was real nice. They made me feel comfortable. Thank y'all very much

   — Sandy Newman


Dr. Parrish has taken excellent care of me. His staff is so helpful and friendly. I have contacted his office several times with questions and his staff is prompt to find the answer.

   — Creative Blessings


Patient for nine years and always receive excellent treatment and care

   — Linda Smith


Doctor Parish takes the time to know and understand your needs and concerns then helps you with a solution. I went to him for a second opinion where I was told due to age I would have to just live with it. After through examination, testing and lifestyle desires Doctor Parish performed shoulder surgery restoring the complete use of my are without compromise. Also, I received relevant instructions for avoiding future injury and rehabilitation training. The office staff is also top notch!

   — KM - Palestine, TX


I would recommend Dr Parrish to anyone . He is an excellent surgeon ! I've used him for years. He listens. cares and spends time explaining and helping me. There is no one better !!

   — Scott Hall


Mr Parrish listens and truly cares about me as a patient and a person. I have confidence in him as a surgeon.

   — Scott Hall


I have had several tests referred by Dr Moss at Rusk. Texas. Each experience has been good. I especially like Dr. Parrish, MD for working with me during the past few months in an effort to keep me out of pain in my left knee. He has been very efficient and l appreciate his kindness. Everyone at the clinic has been very nice and helpful. It is always a pleasure to go to UTMB.

   — Barbara Fletcher


Dr Parrish is an excellent doctor! He has taken great care of me in the past and now for a current condition.

   — Esperanza Caldwell


Dr. Todd Parrish performed surgery for my broken left humerus on November 26, 2021. I was humbled by the urgency of the time, since it took place the day after Thanksgiving. The UT staff of the Henderson Hospital were very informative and kind. Megan was the nurse that prepped me for surgery and her bed side manner was absolutely warm and encouraging. Meeting Dr. Dwight Hall was great. He gave informative information about the anesthesia and what to expect. I imagined it went as great as my husband was informed, because I woke up not knowing or feeling any pain. Mary was the nurse that I found in my recovery stage and she too was informative and kind. Dr. Parrish has a super team working with him. Thank you to all. I find Dr. Parrish to be a regal and sharp surgeon. Now working on my healing stage!

   — Viola Bradbury


Dr Parrish has taken excellent care of me during my whole experience with my ankle fracture. From the operating room straight out of the ER to recovery he has been patient kind and answered all of my questions. He ensured I was as pain free as possible during my recovery and I am on my way to walking again. I am thankful and grateful for his expertise with orthopedic injuries.

   — Pamela Norsworthy


Excellent care, professionally delivered!

   — Chris Steph


When my son broke his wrist during his football game we were seen my Dr. Parrish there on the sidelines and later met him at UT Health in Jacksonville where my son would have to undergo surgery. From the moment we met him he was very professional and explained in detail every step we would be taking from surgery, to recovery. We have been back for office visits and he and his staff are wonderful.

   — Angelica Olvera


My husband had a broken leg due to a car accident. Quick back story. He suffers from diabetes and has a long history of problems with his leg which made surgery risky. He had not one, but 2 surgeries on his ankle and leg. Both extremely successful, which was a blessing after hearing that he could possibly lose his leg! Dr. Parrish and his team are amazing! We were all greeted with smiles and everyone was optimistic...genuinely concerned on his well-being as well as mine! You should've seen everyone's excitement with every milestone my husband cleared! They listened to our concerns, they were attentive and precise, excellent bedside manner...all around awesome! I highly recommend them!!! As long as I am in east texas, they are my go-to for orthopedic care!

   — Jenny Campbell


Dr parish and his team have been so good to my daughter Leah. They are all so sweet and make you feel at home😊.. I definitely recommend him 😊

   — Danielle Blackmon


Had a great experience when my son broke his arm playing football.  Dr Parrish did his surgery on a Saturday evening.   Office staff was excellent.

   — Cheryl C.

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