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Reviews for Thomas F. McCloskey, DPM


Dr McCloskey was excellent and professional, as well as, kind and good humored. My minor foot surgery was practically painless and was a great success. I highly recommend Dr. Thomas F McCloskey.

   — Mary Stevenson


I have been knowing Dr.Mccloskey over 21 years, he did surgery on my left foot back in 2002, he is the Doctor to see for your feet care.

   — Geneice Maxson


Dr McClouskey has been a real blessing to me. He is professional yet very down to earth. He has been my podiatrist for 15 years and I trust him with my best transportation (my feet)!

   — E. Rogers


You could not find a better Doctor in the State of Texas! He tries to help you. The first of the year I went to him with a hole in my left foot. I was in his office about 5 minutes. He check my foot and saw the problem and said I will be back in a few minutes. He got on the phone and set me appointments for the next day for wound car, vascular surgeons & mri of my foot. I have been seeing him since about 2019 and my see him also.

   — Ran Gar


Dr. McCloskey is very professional. I went into his office after having dealt with an ingrown toenail for an extended period of time and within a matter of minutes he had numbed the toe and removed that part of the toenail adding the substance to keep it from growing back, wrapped it up and I was on my way. It's been several months now and I haven't had any further issues with my toe. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent podiatrist.

   — F S


Dr. McCloskey and his team work together to make sure the patient experience is the best. He is knowledgeable and listens to me to understand my reason for being there. Explains the problem and offers conservative treatment to start with. Will continue to use Dr. McCloskey.

   — KrabbyAbby


Dr. McCloskey was very personable and was able to talk my daughter through her procedure. She was super nervous but he was able to make her laugh to take her mind off of what he was doing. He was fast and efficient! Thank you for making this appointment an easy one

   — Woodall


Everyone was very good to me; courteous and very kind.

   — Leroy Sedgwick


The office staff, nurse and doctor were so sweet and kind. They listened to our concerns and took really good care for us.

   — Kerri Long


Great Doctor. He did my foot bunion surgery. I’ve never regretted it.

   — Barbara Berry


I have been seeing him for many years. He is one of the good ones!

   — Elizabeth Thompson


Dr. McCloskey is friendly, knowledgeable, and skillful. I have been his patient for many years and will continue to be his patient as long as I hang on.

   — Raymond E Smith


Knowledgeable, attentive, and technically excellent.

   — Kevin King


Was really a great visit.

   — Keo Ruhter


Dr. Mccloskey is a friendly and funny doctor! He knew what he was talking about so I will be going back to see him! He made me feel comfortable and he had a great personality! Thanks!

   — Lisa Davis


If you are looking for an awesome podiatrist to treat plantar fasciitis and peroneal tendonitis this is the most awesome podiatrist!!

   — Elaine Wallace


Very nice with a lot of bedside manner, thorough and explained very thing completely

   — Joyce Margos


Dr. Mccloskey took time and explained everything to me in detail I never felt rushed with him. He listened to my concerns. The whole staff was very professional I didn't have a long wait. I would recommend him to anyone needing a foot Doctor.

   — Lawanda Martinez


Excellent podiatrist. Does a great job on your foot problems. Great personally and bedside manner.

   — Thomas


Excellent podiatrist! Knowledgeable! Highly recommend. Great staff too. Great peronality.

   — Pat Kittrell


Can one "enjoy" a doc visit when he does a procedure that cuts and hurts? Well, I enjoyed Dr. McCloskey. He was very up front and honest about the pain factor, communicated exactly what he was doing, never seemed rushed, and did an outstanding job. I highly recommend him.

   — Richard Seim


My first appointment was quick & easy and he seemed quite nice.

   — Marci


Great experience considering I was having an ingrown toenail removed. Dr Mc called me back to the exam room personally. Helped me finish my paperwork. Explained what was wrong and did the procedure. He explained my aftercare in simple to understand language. I walked out of the office 45 minutes after I got there. I’ve been pain free since the day of the procedure and have been able to walk several miles at at a time with no problems. My highest recommendation! Thank you!

   — Mark Tankersley


I have never left a doctors appointment feeling so good. Communication 100% from doctor, nurse and other staff. Bedside manner 200% For some reason I had a lot of anxiety going to this appointment and the entire staff were so comforting. Dr. McCloskey told me exactly what was going on and he was very patient with me and my neurotic anxiety. I have never wanted to recommend a doctor as much as I do with him. So thankful for him and his staff.

   — Shannon


Friendly staff, Doctor paid ttention to what I told him and proceeded from there.

   — Charles Howes Jr.


Dr. McClowsky was wonderful. He has a great bedside manner. He made sure that I was as comfortable as possible. His staff was very courteous and helpful. I highly recommend him.

   — Kelly Jewell-Franken


My child went to Dr McCloskey for a two majorly ingrown toenails and although the procedure was painful, Dr McCloskey had the best rapport with him and me. I highly recommend this physician. The pic is just afterward and my son was feeling no pain and thankful it was taken care of properly.

   — Kelly


I have seen him several times. He helped me deal with a fracture caused running my unshod foot into an exercise bike (ow) and was very effective. He's also helped me with other issues. I've seen other podiatrists and he's hands down the best ever. Great personality. Great staff. Highly competent. What' s not to like?

   — Marsha Graham


Dr. McCloskey is a very personable doc and is great! He has some very pleasurable nurses and staff.

   — Jennifer Tompkins


Great service, great doctor!

   — Hurtis Johnson


Nurse is friendly and helpful and Dr. McCloskey is very nice. I recommend them.

   — Bill Rogers


I had a major correction to my right big toe. This included removing a significant amount of material & insertion of a metal pin into the bone behind my big toe for my big toe to ride against. 24 hours later I have taken no pain meds and I am carefully walking to the kitchen and bathroom. Dr McCloskey did an amazing job. I also know that God answers prayer.

   — James Orcutt


Great doctor and staff.

   — Eleanor Rogers


Excellent doctor! Recommend him and his staff to anyone who needs help with their feet.

   — Kim C


The best with no shaming

   — Calvin Allen


Dr McCloskey and Staff are very professional and very good at podiatry!

   — Raymond Smith

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