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Reviews for Preetham Muskula, MD


I saw Dr. Muskula for my annual check up since my primary doctor was not available. I was very impressed with the care i was given. He was very personable and friendly and also took the time to answer all my questions. He did not rush through my exam and gave encouragement and advice on some other health issues I have been dealing with. Thankfully I don't have any severe heart problems, but I would feel very confident and assured in receiving excellent care by Dr, Muskula and his staff if I did.

   — Rhonda Doss


Very professional and caring staff.



I am very pleased with Dr. Muskula's treatment plan. To day is the 3rd day I am on the medication he prescribed. I feel it is working. Besides I have to give him credit for the way he treated me as a patient, " New Patient " by default. It has bin a long time that a physician has called me personally to discuss my treatment. This used to be SOP. All the staff at the clinic is very friendly and organized . I specially the waiting period was short. I can only recommend THIS facility of Ut.

   — Renate Brown


What can I say, I like the guy. He speaks clearly and I know what he is recommending for my behavior in the near future to deal with my current condition.

   — William Smith

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