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Reviews for Paul C. Sharkey Jr., MD


Dr. Sharkey is one of a kind! He takes his time, and never seems rushed. He listens and makes sure all your questions and concerns are addressed. He goes the extra mile in caring for his patients!

   — Elizabeth Hickey


I really liked that Dr. Sharkey listened to all of my concerns and then we came up with a plan to address the issues. He took his time with me and I never felt rushed.

   — S. Baker


Dr. Sharkey is an excellent physician. He is a very caring, thoughtful and trustworthy professional. He is also devoted and dedicated to providing the best care for his patients.

   — Ora Taylor


He has rescheduled my appointment twice resulting in 5 month past my initial appointment due to him being out of town. I will not be going to see him. That is totally irresponsible and a waste of my time. Edit: They came through with an appt at another Dr’s office. Thank you! Changed from 1 star to 4 star.

   — Jodi Steelman


Had 215p appt, was called back at 220p. Loved Dr Sharkey, he spent a LOT of time listening and advising.

   — Joe


Had 215p appt, was called back at 220p. Loved Dr Sharkey, he spent a LOT of time listening and advising.

   — Joe Mitchell


Office staff was friendly and exhibited a caring attitude. I was seen shortly after arrival. Everything was explained in a manner I unerstood perfectly. Caring and very knowledgable physcian. I would highly recommend this physcian.

   — Rebecca Glass


Very good, listening to you. Takes time explaining your way to handle problems

   — Carol Boreham


Dr. Paul Sharkey is a very knowledgeable doctor. I went to see him regarding allergies and ended up having a discussion about every one of my medical problems. He gave me information and suggestions for each. Exceptionally easy to talk to. His staff is fantastic. My entire experience with his practice was incredible.

   — Diana Chastain


Best Doctor ever! Never feel rushed. He takes time to listen. My daughter has struggled with numerous skin rashes for years and has seen several dermatologists with no result. Dr Sharkey found the reason why and treated it. It’s been a significant change in my daughter’s life.

   — Karla


Amazing doctor! Very knowledgeable and friendly. I had to bring my three year old with me and he was super patient and friendly to her as well. He was also quick to respond to my x-ray results. Definitely recommend!

   — Ciara Cunningham


Dr. Sharkey is FANTASTIC! BUT! That being said, PLEASE consider changing how you do scheduling and communication. I promise you, NO ONE likes it. The fact that I cannot call the office I am visiting directly, is ridiculous. As a patient, it only makes it difficult for me.

   — Erin May


Excellent allergy care from Dr Sharkey, as always, for over 12 years now.

   — Jim Hocker


On time, thorough, and compassionate about my needs

   — Weldon H McFarland


Dr. Sharkey is a wonderful caring person! He is very thorough, and always determined to find a solution for your problems! I have gone to him for years, and have continually recommended him to others! He doesn’t rush through your appointment, and explains everything very carefully! I couldn’t say enough good about him!

   — Nancy


Dr. Sharkey and his Staff are wonderful in expressing sincere care for patients. Very professional, but also very personable. He always asks the best questions about symptoms you may be experiencing, allowing you time to ponder your response. He always finds the best remedy and any needed treatment for your problem. I find myself leaving my appointment actually looking forward to the next. A warm and welcoming Office!

   — Pamela Haltom


This was an initial visit, and he was very thorough!! He spent as much time as I needed, answered all questions, very thorough, and explained everything in detail

   — Sharon Fuqua Noblit


Highly recommend Dr. Sharkey. He is a truly compassionate and extremely competent physician. His staff also share his sincere caring and respect for his patients. He appears very knowledgeable in his field and always seems to smartly diagnose and find the most suitable treatment for whatever condition might be bothering you. He actually listens and doesn't rush. Thank you for the opportunity to recommend and comment on his practice. Pamela Haltom

   — Pamela Mim


Dr. Sharkey has been my doctor for a long time. He always goes the extra mile. I never feel rushed in his office and he always listens to my concerns. He is VERY thorough and does research for all questions if he doesn’t know the answer. His staff is also amazing. Always helpful and friendly!

   — Bert Lockwood


Dr. Sharkey is one of the most thorough, compassionate doctors I've ever encountered. He is very diligent to take time to evaluate drug interactions, and possible alternate solutions. We have been patients for many years and would highly recommend his care.



Very thorough with his explaining and questioning. Love it! He took his time with understanding my needs and concerns. Staff and nurses were the sweetest and most helpful when needed. Glad I went to him to figure out about my severe allergy attacks.

   — Brittany Reyes


My son started seeing Dr. Sharkey a few years ago. He listens to any problems he is having and my son’s allergies are a million times better. Better than I could have ever expected. He hardly gets sick anymore and can do things, like play outside, now. The appointments to take a very long time but once with the doctor, it’s nice to not feel like you are being rushed out the door and are truly important.

   — Jenna Shiflet


Dr. Sharkey was very informative and connected with my son instantly. I would definitely recommend.

   — Angelica Brannon


Dr. Sharkey sees each of his patients as individuals. I have never known another doctor who takes the time to thoroughly understand and then find ways to improve the situation. His staff are always polite and very helpful.

   — Jean Rider


Dr. Sharkey is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented and spends a lot of time getting info from the patient and educating the patient. He is also very respected in Tyler medical community.

   — Iraj Roshan


Dr. Sharkey is the best Allergy specialist I have ever been seen by! He is so kind and attentive. He takes his time with all patients and makes sure to cover all the basis with you regarding your care. He is the first doctor to diagnose me with asthma and after starting treatment I have definitely felt a difference in my breathing. I have a much better quality of life thanks to him. He is definitely worth the wait to see!

   — Jacqueline Anaya


Best allergy clinic ever! Actually cares, nursing staff is compassionate and has great beside manner. He is the best in town and goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of. Will not recommend any other in the area.

   — K M


Dr. Sharkey was kind and attentive to our concerns. He took his time with us and even made my 12 year old daughter comfortable. I would highly recommend him!

   — Michelle Perry


He is a very good allergist. Very kind. Good bedside manner.

   — Juanell Marsh


GreatDoctor thank GOD for you Dr Sharkey Mrs E ACY

   — Rachel Kincaide

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