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Reviews for Natalie I. Johnson, MD


Great Doctor . Pleasant experience.

   — Jeff Coleman


I have always got in fast and everyone is very friendly

   — Elizabeth Biles


As always treated professionally and listened to problems and addressed.

   — Shannon Palmer


Dr. Johnson is a very busy doctor and I'm very glad I was able to be her patient. She's very interested in my well being and takes time to listen. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor.

   — Tracy


Her personal care for her patient.

   — Doris Robinson


Dr Johnson always listens and remembers conversations and she asks about family. She has your best interest at heart!

   — Liz Wright


Dr. Johnson and her staff were accommodating and extremely patient-friendly. She demonstrated care and concern throughout the entire visit. I felt like she listened and provided excellent medical care.

   — L. Swan


Dr. Johnson is very thorough and friendly. I never feel rushed.

   — Diane Deckert


Dr. Johnson is one of those rare doctor that actually LISTENS to her patients. Her empathetic, caring demeanor is unlike the usual 'I know best' attitude of doctors I've had in the past. When you are older, doctors categorically dismiss you and treat you like cattle. NOT Dr. Johnson. I trust her advice and care with my life, literlly.

   — Marc In Teast TX


Dr. Johnson is a fabulous doctor who genuinely cares about her patients! She always has a smile on her face and takes the time to listen to your health concerns. I highly recommend her!

   — Debra B. Griffith


Dr.Johnson takes time to listen to our questions. She always tries to facilitate our health care plan and is conscientious while doing so. Her explanation of different medications is easy to understand. Her personable approach is very appreciated. Dr. Johnson and her staff are quick and efficient responding to our needs. Highly recommend this office.

   — Jody And Kim


Dr. Johnson's staff was personable and professional. Dr. Johnson was very thorough with my semi-annual exam. She asked about complaints, issues, and mental and social factors. She was very thorough, gave me helpful information and advice, and referred me to specialized physicians as needed. She is easy to talk to and a good listener. Thank you.

   — Blue Jeans Garden


Dr Johnson is the best Dr. I’ve ever been to. She knows what she’s talking about and has an excellent bedside manner.

   — Jacqueline Primel


She is the BEST

   — Ladaddy 21


I feel very confident about my health and medical care/needs when I leave Dr. Johnson’s office. She is professional and always makes me feel heard no matter what I am having issues with!!!

   — Tanya Conner


Dr. Johnson and her staff are always friendly and helpful. They answer MyChart quickly. Highly recommend her!

   — Petrina Troyer


This visit was for my annual exam and lab work. Dr. Johnson is a very good listener and is always willing to answer questions!! She offers good solutions for any health issue. Very knowledgeable and attentive. Give her a try as your PCP - you will not be disappointed!!

   — Tammy Day


Dr. Johnson is an exceptional physician! Her staff is equally as competent and empathetic. Great teamwork!

   — Penny Eastman


Dr Johnson has been my PCP for years. She is kind and considerate of my health care needs. I don't know what I would do without her.

   — Penny B


Dr Johnson is the best,she will sit and listen to what you have to say very thorough No rushing

   — N.Pate


Dr Johnson always listens to my concerns. She is very caring, kind, and easy to talk to. She has a warm personality and makes you feel comfortable . It is very clear that she is a Christian because one can see God’s light shining through her! It means so much to me that she loves Jesus.

   — Cynthea


I got a good steroid shot in the butt, for my COPD exacerbation wasn't subsiding. She got me on a great anxiety drug since I'd gone through a traumatic episode with a friend girl turned screaming paranoid schizophrenic!

   — JD Meyer


Dr Johnson is a wonderful doctor. She takes her time and listens to all of your concerns.

   — Paula Stanley


Dr Johnson is very kind, caring and thorough. I feel she takes great care of me and is so personable and easy to talk to, she answers all my questions.

   — Susie


Wonderful provider. Excellent care. Listens!

   — Jackie Taylor


Always great service from Dr Johnson at UT Health in Tyler

   — Wayne Shepardson


I love Dr Johnson....she listens and responds and makes sure I am taken care of. She works with me instead of making me feel like a $$ sign. Her staff responds to any questions I may have and it is always in a timely manner.

   — Cindy


Dr Johnson is throrough and works with me for the best care in my individual needs. She listens and responds in a helpful caring attitude. Her staff responds to any question I may have in a prompt manner.

   — Cindy “Roo” Roberts Thomas


I enjoy my visits with Dr. Johnson and her staff; she's a very fun doctor. She expressed happy surprise that my breathing is far less wheezy in my post-smoke era.

   — JD Meyer


Dr Johnson’s staff was professional and friendly. Dr. Johnson listens to her patients, you feel like you have a part in your healthcare plan. She is very professional, but sociable. Her interaction with her patients are great!

   — Reggie Conley


Everyone was pleasant and of course Dr Johnson is great as usual

   — Ron Owens


I appreciate how Dr. Johnson listens to and addresses my health concerns. I never feel rushed in our visits. And I feel like we are “partners” in making medical decisions. I especially love that she believes “getting older” does not mean I will be any less healthy than I can be. That’s a great attitude for a doctor treating a “senior citizen” such as I am.

   — Sharon D.


I had a great visit good understanding well explain would not a better doctor.

   — Doris Robinson


Friendly, took her time to listen to me

   — Debbie Bryan


Was concerned about my problems and took care of them

   — Judy Williamson


Dr. Johnson was very present and listened to everything I was feeling to help me get better. She is very thorough and went over my medication‘s and I had a whole panel of bloodwork done so that she could make sure everything was OK. I really like Dr. Johnson as my primary care physician.

   — DJ Magallanez


Dr. Johnson and her staff were professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. They took time to answer my questions and gave me good feedback and suggestions.

   — Blue Jeans And Gardens


Very friendly, personable and professional. Listens to me and we collaborate on treatment .

   — Ellen Thornton


This was my first visit with Dr Johnson. I feel very confident that she will be a good primary doctor for me.

   — Hilda Carmack


Dr. Johnson is great listener and very observant. I believe she makes lots of mental notes during conversation and couples that with test results to get an overall opinion of my health. In addition, referrals and responses to emails and prescription questions are very quick.

   — Lwickha


Being courteous and compassionate certainly isn't everything, but when choosing between equally capable physicians, the one who listens and cares then exceeds the other one by miles and miles.



As always not rushed, everything discussed and explained well. Her and the nursing staff always thorough.

   — Ralph Shumaker


Dr. Johnson is very compassionate, listens intently to your needs and follows thru with requests. Suli her nurse, is phenomenal at taking care of request for a medication or any questions you may have. She is also one of the nicest nurses I have ever met and I would highly recommend Dr Natalie Johnson and her staff.

   — Jackie Segui


Dr. Johnson listens to my concerns and takes time to answer my questions. She was quick to refer me to a neurologist for treatment of my migraines. I am experiencing relief for the first time in over 15 years! Her staff, Miriam, Suli, and Kee are very kind and caring. I never have to wait for a prescription to be refilled. They take care of it! Great doctor and great staff! Just love Dr. Johnson.

   — MS Wright


I told Dr. Johnson about my current health conditions. In addition I informed her of my visits to two doctors she referred me to.

   — William Nash


The problem isn’t Dr.Johnson this is why I rated her a 5. My issue is with the scheduling & getting a referral. It takes weeks to get a referral and Patient Portal. Out of 1-5 I rate PATIENT PORTAL A ZERO. I call the number & talk to a PERSON to leave notes. I don’t care for surveys because NOTHING GETS DONE & if it’s not worded the way they want, IT WILL NOT GET POSTED.

   — Linda Butler-Walters


Dr Johnson is a very kind, caring doctor that takes the time to discover what is going on in my life and how help can be provided. She always takes time to actually listen to what I have to say. Very rare these days!

   — Mary W.


Dr. Johnson is knowledgeable and personable. She always takes time to listen and answer my questions.

   — Deleisa Johnson


Dr. Natalie Johnson is wonderful -- she has been my doctor for 6 years. Dr. Johnson is very thorough and takes as much time as needed to answer any questions. A very caring and dedicated physician -- she is the BEST!!

   — LaQuita Johnson


Prompt. Compassionate, knowledgeable, understanding.

   — Steve Roberts


When a doctor looks you in the eye and listens to you, you know you have found "The One" Dr. Natalie Johnson is, for me, The One. She offers helpful insight, good (ie: obtainable) goals and listens intently to her patients. She's a winner.

   — Marc Roberson


The best I was nervous been in the healthcare for years she came in sat down made me feel comfortable just a warm heart I could open up I talked so much I so much I forgot to tell her everything but she contacted me with questions anyway she is just wonderful ! The staff was even great from the front to the lab I smiled the whole visit !!!!!

   — Cherry Taylor


Dr Johnson is very easy to talk to. She shows genuine interest in you. She is open to alternative medicine and recommends over the counter meds for you also. She takes times with you and does not make you feel rushed.

   — Cindy Fowler


Dr Johnson is very easy to talk to. She shows genuine interest in you. She is open to alternative medicine and recommends over the counter meds for you also. She takes times with you and does not make you feel rushed.

   — Cynthia Fowler


My first visit. Most important to me-she actually listened. I left feeling I’d made the right choice in finding a new doctor.

   — Louise J.


Excellent! Dr. Johnson always comes in with a smile on her face and asks how things are going with me. She spends more time with me to listen to medical problems than any other doctor I have ever seen. I highly recommend her!

   — Debra B Griffith


It went well. Dr. Johnson is very easy to talk to and confide in personal medical problems you may be concerned with.

   — Louise Mobbs


Dr. Johnson listened to my concerns and involved me in her treatment plan. Very caring and understanding.

   — William Horton


Dr. Johnson is the kindest, most compassionate physician I have ever seen. I hope she is here for a long, long time.

   — Michael B.


Yes I would recommend family and friends to Dr. Johnson. She is an great doctor. She listens to you. She encourages you on what to do with your medical issues. She also understands your concerns about procedures. And guides you to other doctors or means of helping you. I have had breast cancer and have endured many side effects from radiation retraction. She is helping me to over come the stigma of a deformed breast. And another way of possibly correcting it. On a scale of one to ten. One being lowest number, she is an eleven

   — Jean Marie Lenihan


Dr. Johnson is very caring and concerned about my health, (and I have a bunch of problems) She is professional and takes god care of me. The entry into outer area is a little confusing at first but after check-in things went smoothly. I DO recommend Dr Natalie Johnson.

   — Alan


Dr. Johnson is the kindest, most compassionate doctor I have ever seen. I have vociferously recommended her to many friends and family members. I cannot say enough good things about her.

   — Michael Barrett


Extremely professional and caring doctors, nurses and staff.

   — Jessica Brown


She is the best!

   — Debra Whitney


Great physician that listens to her patients.

   — Regina Douglas


I love her. She treats me and my family very nicely. She is good, and she will try to figure out what is going on with you.

   — Charlotte Butler


This Jerry B. Murphy Jr. Ms. Johnson is one of the finest Doctors I have ever had the pleasure of having. She listens patiently to your issues, and seems to have the correct answer in seconds just by look and listening. She highly capable of any medical situation small or big. Always has smile on her face and is very pleasant and down to earth, unlike some others that act as if they are a Harvard Lecturer. Set an appointment with this highly capable and great bed-side manner doctor and you want be disappointed. In Tyler she is a diamond surround by coal. Thank God she is my personal physician. Thanks Jerry B. Murphy Jr.

   — Jerry Murphy


Always listens intently to me and my issues.. Great Dr!

   — Alicia Gibson

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