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Reviews for Moises Sidransky, MD


Dr.Sidransky has always been such a wonderful..professional Dr..I would recommend anybody dealing with pain issues to see him.

   — Teresa Hancock


He seems to understand what I had concerned about with my needs,meds, and helping me manage my back pain. I also like the fact that he does the back injection in the same building

   — June Owen


Simply knows what works

   — Andy


He provides a complete, efficient, and promising prognosis. He and his staff are very timely as well.

   — Donna Jamieson


Very smart and friendly. Has laid out a plan and should cure my pain

   — Kenny


Great doctor. Very smart and friendly. Laid out a good plan to get me better

   — Kenny DeFranco


I like Dr. Sidransky. He is concerned about my health problem. I would recommend him also.

   — Norma Grant


Very good doctor

   — Tameka Ward


Great place to help with pain management!

   — Julia Russell


Great doctor, very professional, caring man. I appreciate his candor and respect his decisions. Allows me to be involved in my care something I find a rarity in today's medical field. Thanks doc Kirby

   — Skipper Austin Marion Kirby


Very little wait time. He spends a lot of time or a little time with me, but always enough.

   — Barbara


Dr. Sidransky is a good pain management doctor. He has me scheduled for some pelvic shots next Thursday. I called and asked for a refill of my meds, and he went ahead and filled them even though I had not seen him but once for a year. He has me in the process of seeing a neurologist because there is nothing much more he can do for me. I did have to go and see him once last week and that is when he gave me a shot for my hip pain. I also have pelvic pain which is the worst. So, after the hip pain migrated above my waist, I called the week after I saw him, and he ordered the medicine. Great doctor and he is a professional.

   — James Hendrix


Very caring and spents time to listen and examine you.

   — Susan Tischler


i love Dr Sidransky but his staff have no clue what they are doing.i was going to get my injections on August 4 th but had covid so i called to change my appointment she gave me the 10th i go to Tyler the 10th but hospital said i had to wait longer,so they gave me 18th today i get there they didn't show me down for it .Dr Sidransky office said insurance denied it so i call insurance company they said it was approved gave me approval number 160363430 so i called his office back she said yes she saw its been approved,i told her don't worry i will just find another DR she said sorry

   — Deb Parker


Dr Sidransky listens to you and handles your concerns in a very compassionate manner

   — Donald Hamilton


Cordial & efficient reception. Very friendly nurse. Dr Sidransky is always very kind , compassionate & follows through when arranging med refills and follow up visits . Very good experience.

   — Michelle


I have had nothing but helpful professional services from Dr Sidransky and his staff. I have a complex medical diagnosis and they have been the best. Thank you.

   — Marge Benton


Excellent doctor!!!

   — Marina Hauk


Very nice man, made the visit easy. Was good to explain and listened to my concerns.

   — Connie


Dr. Sidransky is a very wonderful dr. He listens to you and is very caring

   — Crystal Teel


Great doctor. I never have an issues with the doctor or the staff, they are always polite and professional.

   — Angelia Sherick


Has resolved a couple of issues that others couldn't

   — Andy Cornevin


Office was efficient. Dr seen in timely amount of waiting period. Physician helpful, kind and appeared interested in helping me.

   — Good Experience


I think it’s been about 3 years with no back pain thanks to Dr. Sidransky! Going back to see him next month. I think he’s awesome!

   — Sandy Durham


He is a doctor who cares deeply about your health and needs. He will do all he can to relieve your pain and suffering. One doctor that really cares for his patients.

   — David


Dr. Sidransky is about healing the problem not just treating the symptoms. He's thorough and genuinely cares. He listens patiently and explains till you understand.

   — Carole M


They make you feel right at home like you are part of the family. Dr. Sid is a very compassionate person. He listens to you and tries to get to the bottom of what's wrong with you. His assistant is very nice and knowledgeable too. The receptionist is very friendly.

   — Marie Jones


My husband has had back pain for some time. Three other doctors (not in Tyler) recommended surgery. My husband is on blood thinners and back surgery is especially dangerous for him We couldn't get it done at the time. Dr Sidransky prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy and a non narcotic anti-inflammatory and with that my husband had nominal to no pain. Surgery avoided. Wow!! VERY grateful for Dr Sidransky.

   — Julie Davis


Was really nice and very understanding

   — Brittany Murphy


Dr Sidransky is an amazing, compassionate physician. He addressed my pain issue and solved it immediately. He’s so kind and friendly. I rarely forward to going to the doctor but I do look forward to seeing Dr Sidransky.

   — Shirley Gay Norris


Dr.Sidransky has been absolutely wonderful and a God send! He is one of the most patient and considerate doctors that I've ever been seen by. I feel that I'm actually listen to and then treated exceedingly well! Also, his main nurse who comes to Canton, is an absolute sweet heart! As far as the front office personnel, its constantly revolving but I've never had a horrible experience just not as excellent as Dr.Sidransky and his nurse's treatment. However, I have recently experienced a much more professional and courteous front office staff members in my last few appointments that I went to. I would highly recommend Dr.Sidransky to anyone!

   — Stacey Kaumo


Most caring doctor I’ve ever known, and treats patients all equally with respect. He’ll never give up on someone.

   — Alfonso Cobos


I have consulted several physicians over the past 10 years to manage my lupus pain. I prefer non-narcotic management. Dr. Sidranski has given me back my quality of life through supplements, therapy and injections. He really listens and is compassionate. His office may be difficult to deal with, but he is amazing.

   — Carol Pennington


I am so grateful to have found Dr. Sidransky after my procedure a Lumbar Neurotomy I can finally enjoy my 50s again I wish I would have meet him 10 yers ago when my back pain started so that I could have enjoyed life sooner. Thank you Dr. Sidransky!

   — Parker


Dr. Sidransky, MD is one of the best I have seen by far. He is very helpful and thorough . He did my procedure a year ago and to this day I have been pain free and loving it. All my life, I cannot remember a day that I did not wake with a headache from my neck pain. He has made a big difference in my quality of life and I would recommend him to everyone and I do recommend him to everyone I know that deals with pain on a daily basis. Absolutely LOVE Dr. Sidransky, MD...

   — Laurie Henderson


Dr. Sidransky is an excellent Doctor. I have been suffering from back pain and leg sciatica pain for over 10 years had multiple injections and two spine surgeries. I was referred to Dr. Sidransky by my family doctor for a spinal cord stimulator. Had the trial it was great then the permanent implant and WOW I am very pleased! The stimulator has taken care of both my back and my leg pain. I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't had relief with surgery or injections.

   — Ella


Very happy that he takes my insurance he listened to me carefully and was fast on ordering all the test needed to accurate diagnose my problem. I've had great results and feel great. Thankful to have been referred to Dr. Sidransky excellent experience overall.

   — Luis


I was fairly anxious about my spinal injection but Dr. Moises Sidransky and his staff made me feel very safe. I felt no pain during the procedure and now the chronic pain is completely gone for the first time in my life! I can say that I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Sidransky and I am VERY grateful to him!

   — Anna

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