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Reviews for Michael J. Klouda, MD


I recently had a procedure to check a biopsy of a growth in my breast. Dr. Klouda’s tech Priscilla did a wonderful job of preparing me for the procedure explaining the steps and sounds I would hear. Dr. Klouda came in and detailed the process again being sure I had no questions and then continued giving a step by step report of what he was doing during the procedure. I really appreciate their caring as a breast biopsy can be quite frightening. The next day, I was fortunate that the biopsy showed a benign growth and Dr. Klouda called and discussed with me the options. Thank you for such wonderful care.

   — Jan Barrett


The procedure was explained clearly before and during the biopsy. Dr. Klouda and nurse were friendly and put me at ease. The room was pleasant. I have no complaints about Dr. Klouda and nurse, Priscilla.

   — Karen Ashlock


Dr Klouda and technologist were very professional and explained the Procedure and each step. No pain at all throughout the ultrasound-guided needle biopsy

   — Gaming Pug463


Dr Klouda and technicians Andrea and Priscilla were great! Andre and Priscilla were very kind and explained everything that was going to take place. Dr Klouda was awesome. He also explained step by step on what he was going to do and what to expect. The procedure was complete before I knew it! Very gentle and kind man. Thanks to you all!!!

   — Lenore Strickland


Dr Klouda is kind and compassionate. You can feel that he genuinely cares about his patients. The technologist Andrea that assisted him explained everything in detail and was also very caring.

   — Kim Eggleston (Kimbo)


Dr. Klouda and his technologist, Priscilla, were great. Everything about my procedure was explained in clear easy to understand terms. Both were very professional and pleasant. The atmosphere of the office and staff were kind and helpful.

   — Mary Fullingim


Nurses Andrea and Priscilla were outstanding and made a great team with Dr Klouda

   — Eileen Gottschalk


All was explained with each procedure. Very professional. I would recommend Dr klouda and Priscilla.

   — Jim Butz


What can I say about a doctor whose skill and dedication to his profession virtually saved my life? Dr. Klouda is an outstanding doctor, who is also compassionate and sensitive, patiently answers my questions, is NOT condescending, but rather interacts with you as a human being - not just a patient or "condition". Without reservation, I would recommend Dr. Klouda to ANYONE needing a doctor with his expertise. All of his staff are awesome and friendly and I am SO grateful to them all!

   — Colette


Dr. Klouda is thee one who found my breast cancer, still in the early stages.. He is the most compassionate Dr. I have ever been to..

   — Joan Plunkett

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