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Reviews for Ketan Patel, MBBS, MD, FCCP


Great doctor. Been seeing him for years.

   — Larry Reeves


Dr. Patel started me on a well known COPD medication for my stage 3 copd. This visit was my first check up after starting the medication. Dr. Petal makes time, looks you in the eye and pays attention to what you are saying. Dr. Petal is honestly concerned about you and understands about being able to breath well.From walking in the front door the front desk staff does an outstanding job assisting everyone, as this is a very busy office, they have it down like clockwork. The breathing technicians are always polite and sees to your needs, to the doctors nurses when they seat you and take your vitals and other needed information before the doctor comes in.

   — Dale


Melissa is a very competent professional, who shows courtesy and kindness to patients. She is a real benefit to Dr. Patel's practice.

   — Bern Mortberg


Dr Patel is an exemplary health care professional. He always strives to provide and/or seek the best possible treatment for my pulmonary issues. I’m thankful he practices in East Texas. I would readily recommend him to anyone seeking a pulmonary doctor.

   — Charles Preston


Dr. Patel is excellent! He is very kind, and attentive. He was not rushed, took the time to clearly answer all of our questions, and explain treatment options. I highly recommend him.

   — Eddie Baiseri


We were very satisfied with the care given by Dr. Patel and his staff. The waiting room was very crowded and noisy.

   — Nancy Mccall


Listens well to your issues and helps to resolve problems. Very understanding and kind.

   — Gail Pate


No waiting. Great explanation of cpap readings for 6 months. Great visit.

   — Sallye Rife


Dr. Patel was very reassuring about my condition, and explained the test results thoroughly. He prescribed a medication that helped me. I was very happy with my visit.

   — V. Solito


I called with a medical problem and got an appointment for the next day. I went through the test after a very short wait time. Afterward, I saw the nurse and PA quickly along with Dr. Patel. Very sattisfied.

   — Jerry D.


He is very reassuring and makes you feel comfortable in the fact he will find out where your problem is. I feel I can trust him with my care.

   — LaVerle Spurgeon


Friendly Dr. and staff.

   — Richard Minter


He is easy to communicate with and listens to your concerns

   — Avid Reader


After a rough time during Covid, I needed help readjusting my settings on the CPAP. Dr Petal took time to ask all the right questions and provided me with the information I needed.

   — Robin Hood Brians


Very likely

   — Judy Bergbower


As always great service. No waiting time, my question were answered, I recommend Dr. Patel and staff highly.

   — Renate Brown


very informative. good listener. worked with me to scheduled required testing.

   — Dr Patel


Dr. Patel was friendly, seemed to listen well, and did not appear to be in a hurry. However, I am more than a little annoyed that my CPAP order was NOT sent to the company that I requested.

   — Suzanne Pundt


I met with Dr Patel once so far and i found him to be very easy to talk to and he made every effort to make you feel at ease as he evaluated me for my medical condition. He was confident and respectful. I look forward to seeing him again.

   — Anna Clay


I needed dr Patel to do some special test for a surgery. He got to this as quickly as possible,did all required, and saw to the facing of all test to my Surgeon in Dallas. His Nurse Jenifer was very helpful also.

   — Mary J King Eidson


Very thorough in taking my history, making an assessment, and recommendations for care. His PA is also fabulous.

   — RIta Spencer


Dr. Patel is very personable and has great bedside manner. He and the staff were timely, professional and knowledgeable.

   — Glam Fam8


I was in the hospital recently at UT and Dr Patel visited me almost every day. He pulled up a chair and sat down and actually listened to me asked questions and showed very much interest in my case. I would give him an excellent rating on bedside manner. We also discussed what type of inhaler I should be on based on my insurance. He was very helpful.

   — C Fowler


Dr. Ketal is a very good and caring doctor. He is very knowledgeable and explains your condition in a way you understand. He gets your medicine that you need. I would recommend him for any one with breathing problems

   — Ray Crawford


Dr Patel took over my care several years ago at a clinic when my previous doctor retired. I have been quite pleased with Dr Patel and the staff since this matter of chance brought me to him back then.

   — Dan


He is punctual! No waiting! Shows genuine concern and listens patiently.

   — Keith E Griffith


Dr Patel is an excellent doctor. Very caring and proactive!

   — Gail Pate


Dr Patel and his nurse practitioner were awesome. They both explained things in a way I understood. I would recommend him to my friends.

   — Teresa Prior


Dr. Patel is thorough, professional, and kind.

   — Richard Adams


My app time was 2:30. I was taken back at 3:15 where I waited for 30 min to see the Dr. I like Dr Patel. He helped me. I don't like that I waited over an hr past app time to be seen. I also did not like that he went to arrange a breathing test and forgotten. 40 min later I was still waiting. I left w/o taking the test. The point, my time is just as important as the Drs time. It shows a lack of respect for patients when we are kept waiting for extended periods of time. Customer Svc has got to improve.

   — Tom Graves


Dr. Patel is very thorough and very professional.

   — Cindy Anderson


Dr. Patel is a awesome doctor his staff is so rude. If you ask the a question they will just look at you as if you're not talking to them. I waited in lobby for 1 hour a patient came after me in who had a appointment at 230pm they bumped her in my spot. When I asked why they couldn't answer me. The whole front staff needs to be fired. My last office visit they overcharged me after I told the lady what my insurance said the visit should cost . I got a refund in the mail because of these rude front staff .

   — Cynthia Holman


He treats me as a person, not as a get them in and get them out. If I could only say one thing, it would be that he really, really listens.

   — Barbara H.


Dr Patel is an awesome Dr, but some of his staff are rude and completely unprofessional. I switched Drs because of Dr Patel's hateful staff.

   — Catrina A McAllister


Dr. Ketan Patel is a very kind and caring doctor. My Mother saw him recently and Dr. Patel did a biopsy on her left lung for the possibility that it was lung cancer. During the follow-up visit, he called a colleague of his, an Oncologist, to get her fast tracked for treatment while we were there in the exam room. She received a call back from the Oncologist the same day and got an appointment for the following week. I highly recommend Dr. Patel if you need a pulmonary specialist in Tyler, TX.

   — Kevin Jones


I've seen Dr Patel a couple of times though my medical care is through Christus Trinity Mother Frances in Tyler. My experience with Dr Patel has been very good. One thing Dr Patel does that many other doctors don't do & don't seem to want to do, is relax, take his time to explain to what has & is happening, explaining any test which he feels is necessary & why and does the same for any recommended medications. He wants his patients to be empowered through knowledge. Last, Dr Patel is not pushy

   — Donna S.

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