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Reviews for J. Ryan Menard, MD


Excellent doctor ! cares takes his time... love him!

   — Amy Lento


Excellent care! Not afraid of complicated patients or diseases. Wonderful listener and does not make you feel as if you are taking too much time. Takes the time to review your history.

   — Laura


Excellent physician. Took the time to review medical history before my appointment. Listened to my concerns and questions and was very through in exam and tests. Very insightful and gifted physician, we need more of these kind of professionals in East Texas.

   — Laura Stanford


Very nice and friendly, will LISTEN to me about what kind of problems my husband has, and gets the job done, need more doctors like him for sure!

   — Codie Brown


Best Dr I have ever had.

   — Nancy Carr


Everyone at Dr. Menards office is so sweet and helpful. Dr. Menard is awesome and is so helpful and always cares about your well-being.

   — Connie Crump


I work here and Dr Menard is an excellent physician.

   — Kimberley Krauter

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