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Reviews for Hishaam Ismael, MD


Informative, Excellent Skill and results, the best of the best.

   — Larry Keefauver


professional and informative. Very understanding and explained the process in detail.

   — Deborah Ray


My family and I met with Dr. Ismael, MD for a surgical consult. He was very precise and soft spoken. Dr. Ismael was very thorough in his assessment, allowing us plenty of question and answer time. We left his office very prepared and feeling like we were in good hands.

   — Jettrm Jett


Dr Ismael and his entire staff is amazing!!! I had a surgery with him previously this year in May that went so smooth, and I can barely see my tiny scars (major plus for someone like me lol). I am now looking at another surgery unfortunately, but i wouldn’t want any other surgeon on my case other than him!!!! I fully trust him and know he will take good care of me in the OR!!! Shout out to his nurse Isabelle as well she is so nice, and always quick to reply to messages and questions!!!!

   — Cortney Wyatt


Thank you, Dr. Ishmael for your hard work and your dedication that you do every day to care for each and everyone of your patients. You preformed surgery on Mr. Lopez on July19th and prior to the surgery you told us your goal and also the chances. While waiting we hoped for the best and expected the worse or in between. When you called us after a long surgery and gave us the most wonderful news ever, we where all left speechless. No words can really tell you how grateful we truly are. I thank you so much for the care you have provided for my dad and would highly recommend you as a surgeon.

   — Carina Gray


Thank you Dr Ishmael for taking good care of my husband thru his surgery. On July 20th. I'm so glad I did not go with the other surgeon.

   — Heather Hammack


Dr. Ismael is an amazing surgeon. He saved my husband’s life in an emergency exploratory laparotomy.

   — Jessica W


Dr Ismael and his staff are OUTSTANDING !! His manners are top notch. He treats his patients like family.

   — Rebecca Matthews


Dr Ismael & his staff are OUTSTANDING !! Very thorough, perosnable and professional

   — Becky Matthews


Dr. Ismael is a wonderful surgeon with a great personality and very caring. I would NOT hesitate to use him or recommend him to any person needing breast surgery.

   — Janet Mitchell


Dr ishmael is the best, the man performed 3 surgeries on me and all were sucessful. The man is the very best at what he does. I trust him with my life. I would trust him with any family member. Very knowledgable. Takes his time to explain what he is going to do as well as whats the best for you. His team is the best as well. They take pride in what they cancer free because of dr. Ishmael. Thank you and god bless.

   — Richard Conn


Dr. Ismael is great. His staff is top notch and they answered all of my questions promptly. The one on one attention I recieved made me feel like I was the only patient they were caring for. Knowing how busy surgeons can be, I was blown away at his attention to detail. He took his time explaining exactly what would happen, and he was spot on. I would not hesitate to use him again for any of my, or my families surgical needs. I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, respectful, and caring surgeon. 5 stars! Thanks again!

   — Blake Wilabay


Dr Ismael is a Dr that I would no only recommend to my friend and family, but I trust my life in his hands ,He is a very gentle and knowledgeable surgent.Ms Marsha his assistant is a beuttiful lady that would do anything to help you with whatever problem you have,so yes a would recommend his office to anyone.

   — Mayra Bray


Consultation was fabulous!! Very thorough! Wait time for surgery date took a few weeks.

   — Luanne Humphreys

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