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Reviews for Gordon Uretsky, MD


Dr G is very thorough and a very nice guy. He is one of the last of the old school Drs that actually spend time with their patients and talk to them and address all of their problems and goes over any and all concerns and questions. Not like these young dirty douche nozzle Drs that think they know everything.

   — Larry Lunchmeet


Dr I is a wonderful Dr. He takes special time with You.

   — Cathrine Vasquez



   — Mike Maloney


He is a Doctor that truly cares about his patients, and goes the extra mile to take care of them!

   — Lance Johnson


He is an OK doctor. Needs to speak up and look at you when he is talking to you. I have waited on a call from his nurse for over a week about my blood pressure. As of today 6/8/2021 I still have not heard from anybody. You have to go through his nurse. Apparently the nurse is not concerned with the patients . If it were them trying to get through to their Doctor they would be upset.

   — Dale S Auxier


Dr. Uretsky is one of the best Dr’s I have found in Henderson since moving here from Dallas. Dr. Uretsky takes time and is thorough with what he does. His office staff could be a bit more prompt with their response time for medication, but you don’t find Dr’s like Dr Uretsky now a days. Thanks to him and his staff for making me feel welcome and like I am cared about.

   — Christopher McLaughlin


Stephani and Emily are great at greeting you with a big smile and getting you all set up as a new patient. They follow through and make sure everything is in order with medications and your next visit. Dr Gordan Uretsky is an excellent doctor that is thorough and spends a good deal of time with you because he truly is passionate about your health.

   — Mike Mayhugh


Fabulous doctor. Thorough and caring

   — Kitty Kat


I have been seeing Dr. Uretsky for about 4 years now. He and his nurses are amazing listeners, he really hears what I have to say and does a great job finding solutions to whatever my ailment happens to be. I highly recommend him and his wonderful staff.

   — Amy Dumas


He is always so patient and kind to myself and my children. He explains everything and gets us in and out in great time. Wonderful Doctor.

   — Staci

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