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Reviews for Glena Davis, DO


I am a 48 year old woman married 26 yrs. with two children …So I start having problems with my period sometime in June or July 2022.. like it came for about a month and then it stop and then start coming regular. I didn’t think anything of it. I was just thinking OK I’m 48 years old. I might be headed towards perimenopause but little did I know when it came this year it came for two months and then it finally stopped and then it came for another two months and I just couldn’t take it keep in mind I am very anemic so when I went to my family doctor and she did labs and stuff she saw that I had lost 3 pints of blood. I’m never at a 14. I’m always at a 10… so I knew I had to do something because the period would not stop So one of my sister told me about Dr. Davis and let me just tell you she’s a sweetheart , I couldn’t have found nobody no nicer than her to do this procedure. It was like a period from hell that would not stop come to find out I had fibroids, so yeah, I did what was best for me, and had a hysterectomy and I’m very grateful for it. Yes, of course I was very scared but who wouldn’t be scared if they haven’t had surgery and don’t know what to expect that would be anybody, but let me just tell you they took wonderful , excellent care of me. before they took me back to do the surgery, the anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself, as well as the nurse introduced herself, and, of course Dr. Glenda Davis came in to see if I was OK before the procedure even took place. 10/06/2023. Let me just tell you they are awesome ….Everybody that was in the surgery room was so nice even after I went upstairs because I had to spend the night … Kaylee and Shon on the 2 floor took excellent care of me … even when I couldn’t do it for myself they were so nice and so caring you can just tell that they didn’t mind doing there job because they enjoy what they do thank you , thank you , thank you… I would recommend Dr. Glenda Davis and her staff to anyone…

   — Demetria Jones


She was a huge blessing to me today . This doctor looked me in the eye . She asked me questions and inquired about the specific symptoms I experience . Not all doctors bother these day bother to look at your face and ask how your problem affects your functioning or quality of life . Indifference is sadly more common with caregivers than it should be , but this lady has her heart set on helping women and not just being a highly paid professional with status . She did not look away and mutter things that are irrelevant or act like I was a potted plant she had to endure . I actually left with two pieces of information that can improve my daily life. I sense this doctor is fully competent with the content of her discipline and also capable of putting herself in someone else’s shoes . I felt like I mattered and walked away with something to help me as well as a sense of gratitude for a kind and caring caregiver rather than feeling I had imposed on a professional who could barely conceal how uninspiring my company was . I think she will help many women in her lifetime. She made a difference for me especially since I have seen doctors in the past who treat me like a potted plant or a just an old lady who has to be tolerated to get a paycheck . She made my day and answered a question that I had been worried about and directed me to a product that I have needed a long time.

   — Jennifer Geddie


This is my first baby , I’m so glad I chose Dr. Davis ! She listens to all my concerns and is very supportive of her patients! I’m in my 3 trimester now she’s been my doctor through out my pregnancy. I highly recommend her she’s amazing .

   — Jacey Dunn


Everyone was very nice and the nurse was patience and really listened. Dr. Glena Davis was friendly and made me very comfortable (first time visiting her). Addressed all of my concerns and I felt like my health was a priority. Will be returning to this doctor in the future.

   — Stacy Stephens


Dr. Davis was great! She was very professional and thorough with all explanations! She treated me like an actual person - not just a number. She took my concerns to heart. It was an awesome experience! Would strongly suggest her!

   — Cori Higgins


Dr. Glena Davis is a wonderful gynaecologist. She is very friendly, and compassionate. Also she is very informative, she explains everything to you in an very easy and understanding way. I definitely recommend her. Actually, I have been recommending her to all my family and friends.

   — Pamela Del Vecchio


Excellent care

   — Valarie Williamson

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