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Reviews for D. Scott Devinney, DO


Awesome Doctor and staff. Professional experience and advice. Takes the time to explain thoroughly, as well as options for treatment. Absolutely love Dr DeVinney!

   — Alan Hammons


My wife has OA & has had 2 knees replaced, other doc. Dr DeVinney was a surgical RN at ETMC/UT Heath East as the BEST shoulder- trauma surgeon that this RN knew…& one that he would take any member of his own family to, if they needed a great surgeon. My wife has had her left shoulder replaced & Dr D’s PA, Jason, has rec. PT as a way to postpone her Right Shoulder replacement. Now her OA in the hips are making walking exceedingly painful, guess where she goes this week. You’re right Dr Dennis DeVinney. He’s never disappointed us. He allowed my wife to pray with him pre shoulder surgery… very understanding & compassionate doc + his skills. Unbeatable combo.

   — Doc Toadlips


Been to 4 orthopedic guys with hip problem. Dr. DeVinney was 1st to stop and listen and then diagnosed the problem. sent immediately to get shot in hip. Other 3 ortho guys was fixated on hip replacement, didn't spend any time listening to my definition of the problem. Had 2 other shots in hip joint (no goo) two shots in back (no good). Think the problem was diagnosed correctly with no need for any invasive surgery. Thanks Dr. D!

   — Joel Griffin


Took about 2 min for him to let me know what the problem was

   — Kyle Riley


He has the best bedside manner and it is obvious that he really cares about his paitents! I am so glad I found him.

   — Sandy Daniel


visited Dr Devinney after breaking my ankle and receiving a recommendation. i received excellent care and Dr Devinney seemed like an incredible doctor

   — Caleb M.


Doctor Devinney was one of the best doctors i've ever been to.

   — Olinian


Wonderful care!

   — Nancy Smith


I have seen Dr Devinney's NP-C Kristin multiple time. She has been excellent each time. She explains everything well and is very good at doing office procedures.

   — Tim


I had initially giving a very poor rating of Dr. Divinney's new nurse struggling with paperwork. Today with the help of several nice ladies and Dr. Divinney himself, they resolved the problem promptly. Dr. Divinney again has been good to me the whole way. There are great people in the facility. Take care of your own paperwork and be sure to follow up to ensure everything is like it should be.

   — Chad Flores


He very quickly had my husband under a MRI machine when he suspected a rare form of cancer. We saw him on Friday, had the MRI later that day, and he had us with an oncology orthopedic surgeon the following Monday. He called us after the MRI to inform us of the findings and was very supportive through my husbands surgery and aftercare period. Great surgeon! He performed our sons leg surgery after a fall down the stairs andhe recovered without problems.

   — Rebecca Fountain


I had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago and I am already back at work everyone in the office is so nice and helpful. I would strongly recommend him! Thank you Dr. Devinney for giving me my life back!!

   — Sheri


Dr. Devinney recently did my hip replacement, after being in pain for 2 years I feel like a new person! Dr. Devinney was wonderful and his team was so helpful. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is needing any kind of replacement, don't put it off anymore. Do it now and feel better now! Thank You Dr. Devinney you have given me my life back! I can only rate 5 stars but i would rate this a 10+ *************************

   — Sheri Ross


Dr. Devinney is wonderful. He is a wonderful surgeon as well as having a wonderful bedside manner. He truly cares about you. After my shoulder surgery, he came by to check on me and then came by again to give me copies of x-rays of the plate and screws. I would recommend him to anyone needing shoulder surgery as he is the best of both worlds. Nj

   — Nancy Jo Davis


overall he is an awesome DR. he is very caring and listens to his patients I just wish we could find a solution to my problem two surgeries later and I'm still in constant pain have very limited range of motion in my shoulder along with stability issues with it. So I may go somewhere else for a second opinion. I can deal with the pain can't deal with the instability....... is this his fault no. Biggest complaint is wait time, i havent been there one time my wait time wasn't over 40 mins

   — Canton, TX


Dr,Devinny did a great job on my surgery.My shoulder is doing great, It works just like my other does my hand surgery.No scars left on my hand amazing..Thank you Dr.God Bless you.!

   — Mary Williams

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