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Reviews for Ashish Gangasani, MD


Always patient, a good balance of pleasant demeanor and focus. His staff has been very responsive to the few questions I have posed via phone and MyChart.

   — Charles Tidmore


informative, concise, caring and professional in all aspects of my treatment. Could not have hoped for a better electrocardiologist.

   — Roy Gustafson


A full comprehensive cardiologist with nuclear medicine and electrophysiology is hard to find. Dr. G in my opinion is the very best and tells you the truth with the best options and recommendations. Someone you can trust in this arena .

   — Jeff Davis


I was “shell shocked” when Dr. G. said I was in Afib 95 per cent of the time. I never felt a thing, but he had been watching the numbers and now was the time to get my heart in rhythm. I was anxious till the procedure was over. I never felt a thing! I trust Dr. G. and the decision he had made. I am looking forward to many years of my life, thanks to Dr. G.

   — Carolyn


Since Dr. G convinced me that I was no longer pacemaker dependent and removed my bacteria-infected pacemaker, I have trusted in his skill and knowledge. In the clinic, he listened to my fears and my a-fib problems with patience and kindness.

   — Louise Jackson


Always had a great experience. Staff and Dr. Gangasani take time to explain what is happening and always answer my questions. They have not kept me waiting in the waiting room for my appointment. I appreciate the respect they show for their patients.

   — Richard Benton


Dr Gangasani has been my doctor for several years. He is exceptionally talented. He just installed a pacemaker for me and I have no discomfort. He has always given me excellent care and advice and I trust him very much. He is not only my doctor but also my friend. He makes me feel as if I am his only patient.

   — Willis Abrams


Dr Gangasani always gives me outstanding care and counseling.

   — Willis Abrams


In, out & impeccable service in between

   — Andy Curry


This was my first visit for a consultation. It was easy to check in and My wait was very short. The nursing staff was very professional and efficient. Dr. Gangasani was very attentive to my my concerns regarding my current medications and gave me an alternative. I will return in approximately 8 weeks for further evaluation.

   — Ron Winthrop


Hospital Care was great , very good at Heart Care for A Fib

   — Veteran


I feel so fortunate to have discovered Dr. G. (Gangasani). He is very knowledgeable in his field of AFIB. I have completely trust in him. He listens to You and explains his treatment plan. Thank you Doctor Gangasani! Jackie Reaves

   — Jackie Reaves


Dr. Gangasani has preformed a heart procedure on me, he did an excellent job. I am thankful for his ability and knowledge to help me. Jessie Progen

   — Jessie Progen


Great visit. Doctor "G" was easy to understand and talk with.

   — Jason Carter


Dr. Gangasani has an excellent fund of knowledge, is caring and compassionate, and exemplifies everything that one would want in a physician. I am a physician myself and choose him as my cardiac specialist. He is a doctors doctor.

   — Doctor John


He was thorough in explaining what needed to be done, what he would do, and perhaps I could go home that day. I feel quite confident with Dr. Gangasani.

   — Carolyn


Very comfortable Doctor to have. Very knowledgeable of the heart and what he does. But firm also. I would highly recommend Dr Ashish Gangasani. When having heart issues such as I have.

   — Cary Richey


Dr Ashish Gangasani ( Cary Richey) Gave me more time to live. He installed a defibrillator in my heart back in November of 2021. As I went through months with this in my chest it bothered me as a person but knew it had to be done. After today I felt 100 percent better after a few questions I ask and he told me the truth and how to deal with it. Learn to live with what I have and more good advice. He is 100 percent right. I am living thanks to him. He is a very smart Doctor about the heart also a very kind soft but firm man. (We all know Doctors can have very hard days at times which we never see. Dr Ashish Gangasani I thank you very much truly mean this. Hope your days are great and others are there for you when you need as much as you are there for us ) Thank You Cary J Richey

   — Michelle Brown


Dr.G is the best of the best. He cares,listens and do all he can to help you alone the way of healing

   — Bobbie T


Listens well and explains thoroughly!

   — RB



   — Larry Glenn Irvin


Dr. Gangasani takes time to listen to you. He considers options and developes a plan based upon his considerable experience. I feel he has definitely extended my life. He is highly recommended.

   — Donald Milam


He always listens to you and your concerns. He’s also very knowledgeable. Tells what he feels is best for your situation. Very pleased

   — Donna Holloway


Very knowledgeable doctor. He's very kind and thoughtful.

   — Linda Johnston


Great Doctor very professional and knows his line of business. 5 stars for sure.

   — Carl Shine


He is without a doubt the best doctor we've ever had. His knowledge and experience is above and beyond expectations, and he cares about his patients.

   — Jimmy Dutton


He is so kind and compassionate. I trust him and his work completely! A true example of an excellent doctor.

   — Jackie

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