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StepOne Service℠ Expands to UT Health North Campus Tyler for Patients Battling Addiction

Tyler, TX (January 18, 2022) – UT Health North Campus Tyler is now offering StepOne Service℠ which is an inpatient, hospital-based three- to five-day medical detox available to adults requiring medical management of withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and/or opioids. StepOne Service℠ was first introduced into the UT Health East Texas system in 2019 at UT Health Henderson, which has successfully served almost 200 patients. This expansion to UT Health North Campus Tyler stems from the need in the East Texas community for additional medical detox options and location flexibility.

“Across the nation, addiction/substance use disorder impacts millions of people and their families. The good news is there is hope — addiction can be successfully treated,” said Vicki Briggs, CEO of UT Health North Campus Tyler. “UT Health North Campus Tyler is dedicated to helping people in our community deal with issues that impact their health and wellness. This new service is just one more avenue where we can provide assistance.”

Around-the-clock medical care is provided by the hospital’s designated doctor and existing nurses who are oriented and trained during implementation of the service. This clinical team monitors each patient, while using protocol-specific medications in order to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms to decrease the dangers of withdrawal throughout this first step of the individual’s treatment process. Seeking services for a substance use disorder can be frightening, but as a former StepOne Service℠ patient said, “I was not just left on my own to battle my detox. Anything I needed was made sure I received.”

The StepOne Servicesm staff continues discussions with the patient throughout the inpatient stay to develop an individualized discharge plan that includes appropriate referrals to the next level of care. StepOne Service℠ is provided through a partnership with Evergreen Healthcare Partners, LLC. For more information, please call the local StepOne Service staff at 903-213-3893.

This service is covered by Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance plans.