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Patient Recounts Rehab Experience

We cannot speak highly enough of our own caregivers, especially as we are celebrating the Rehabilitation Center’s 25th anniversary. But it’s always nice to hear it from someone else!

Harry O’Bryant recently attended our Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program in Tyler. Upon receiving treatment, O’Bryant wrote a letter to our administration letting us know about the exceptional care and education he was receiving from the cardiac rehabilitation team, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dear Ms. Lehnhof-Watts


“This letter is to provide you with information about the experiences in my recent and continuing rehabilitation program. I am confident that other participants would likely have similar opinions to those I express in this letter.”


“First, it has been a very positive, worthwhile visit to the UT center. Staff members always provide a friendly and welcoming greeting. Secondly, they seem to be sincerely interested about my welfare and others during the virus prevention check-in and the blood pressure test. Also, I observe that each participant receives personal attention for the settings of the exercise equipment as well as individual personal welfare checks during the workouts.”


“My personal observation of their efficiency includes each of them always wearing a protective mask, the thorough cleaning, while wearing rubber gloves, of each machine after it has been used. They never miss in the fulfillment of this duty. Another observation is their thoroughness in obtaining and recording physical activity results for me and all other participants.”


“The nutritional class presented… provides excellent information and is well presented. Each cooking demonstration has been an “A+” and very informative and helpful.”


“This letter is to compliment the team… for their collective contribution to the health of each participant in this well designed and presented physical therapy program. Each of them deserve recognition for their individual, positive contributions, and I thank each of them for their sincere and pleasant attention to me and all other participants.”



Harry O’Bryant


UT Health Rehabilitation Center in Tyler is the first facility in East Texas to offer Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation. For more information about the program, visit