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Does cardiac rehabilitation really make a difference?

When thinking of a transformation, we think of something being changed until it is no longer the same. In order to achieve your best heart health, your lifestyle must transform. Often, this includes changing how active you are, what you eat, and how you cope with stress. It may seem overwhelming at first, but UT Health East Texas cardiac rehabilitation is here to help you along the way.


What are the components of cardiac rehabilitation?

Exercising is just one of the key components of cardiac rehab. The duration you exercise, as well as frequency, can positively impact your health. When starting the cardiac rehab program, we introduce you to new exercise equipment and teach you how to properly and safely use these machines. This change can seem intimidating initially, but we want you to become comfortable with the exercise and love the impact it makes on your heart health. With the wide variety of exercise machines and modifications, there is no limit on who can and who cannot exercise. So many people don’t know what they can achieve until they have completed this program.


Eating healthier is another focus for cardiac rehab. We will never shame you; but instead, teach you about different food choices that support a heart-healthy lifestyle. We want you to know that food can be not only healthy but also delicious!


The last component of cardiac rehab is mental health. We as individuals are constantly being faced with new or unknown situations. Cardiac rehab provides tactics for overcoming these stressors, no matter how big or small the situation may seem. UT Health cardiac rehab provides a safe environment for everyone mentally, physically and emotionally. The staff includes different people from different backgrounds with one united goal: improving your heart health.


So where is this difference?

At UT Health, the cardiac rehab team is devoted to making sure each program participant experiences positive changes to their heart health. When you graduate from the program, you don’t simply go home and continue life as before. You have completely altered how you approach exercise, diet and a healthy mindset. Cardiac rehab does not just improve your life – it transforms it!



Information provided by Elizabeth Hampton, MS, Clinical Exercise Specialist.