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What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which the mesh-like structure inside the bone becomes more brittle. The bone structure may be thin if either too much bone tissue has been lost or if not enough bone tissue is made. When the internal strands of the bone become too thin, the bones become weak and can fracture or break easily.

How can osteoporosis be treated?

Treatment for osteoporosis involves both lifestyle modification, and in certain cases, medication therapy. UT Health East Texas uses the most current guidelines to structure a treatment program that provides the best results based on your individualized needs. We work with you to adapt and alter treatments based on any side effects or cost issues.

Own the Bone program

The American Orthopedic Association's Own the Bone® program is a program that works closely with patients who’ve experienced a fragility fracture due to osteoporosis to prevent future fractures and improve bone health. The program not only focuses on preventing osteoporosis, but also helps patients after an osteoporosis diagnosis and through the post-fracture care process.

Kristin Meharry, FNP-C, coordinates the Own the Bone program at UT Health Orthopedic Institute in Tyler. For questions, please call 903-596-3844.